Coa-Comp/M - Automatic Bipolar Electrocoagulator


Principle of operation:

With the Coa-Comp/M, heating begins (Auto-Start) when the blood vessel or bleeding tissue is grasped between the forceps points and ceases when full coagulation is achieved (Auto-Stop).
Heating is stopped before tissue begins to stick to the forceps.

This is made possible by the built-in computer, using electronic feedback of impedance variations in the tissue during heating. Operation requires only the generator and ordinary bipolar forceps. No switch, no pedal (except for special types of surgery) and no additional personnel.


  • Part No.: (Type) IBBAB 900625-1
  • Class 1, 110-120 V, 220-240V, 50-60 Hz.
  • Input power 10 VA at stand-by, 120 VA at full output.
  • Coagulation current frequency (512 ± 0.050)kHz
  • Power 2 - 36 W at 100 Ohm, (five steps)
  • Built-in testing and functional supervision.
  • Cardiac floating (type CF), defibrillation proof.
  • HF leakage current less than 15 mA through 75 Ohms
  • Size 155 x 200 x 100 mm (W x D x H) excl. handle. Handle is is 50 mm high
  • Weight 2.6 kg
  • CE-marked (CE0402) as a class 2b medical product according to the European Medical Device Directive
  • FDA 510(k) number 023733 


Coa-Comp/M (PDF)

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